The Lucky Titan

What's coming in 2023

January 04, 2023 Josh Tapp Season 5 Episode 1
The Lucky Titan
What's coming in 2023
Show Notes

Let's launch this year off with some exciting news about podcasting! I sat down to riff into the mic about what to expect from the Lucky Titan Podcast and from the podcast industry.

3 Key Takeaways

  1. Youtube has overtaken iTunes as the leading podcast platform
  2. Launching our new network
  3. The podcast industry now has DATA tracking! 

Josh's BIO

Host of the Apple Itunes Top 50 Marketing and Entrepreneurship Podcast, The Lucky Titan, Josh has worked with over 1500 of the world’s top entrepreneurs discovering their most coveted business success secrets and sharing them with the world. His company, Podcast Multipliers, has helped over 750 entrepreneurs (and counting) to launch, monetize, and scale their own industry leading podcasts. 

Leveraging the Pantheon Method (Josh's proprietary method for scaling industry leading podcasts) he founded multiple 7 figure businesses and has spoken in front of nearly 500,000 entrepreneurs worldwide.